Design leadership coaching

I’ve been leading design teams and working alongside design leaders for more than 20 years—as a consultant, agency founder, and in-house leader. I’ve seen organizations of all kinds from the inside out, from huge multinational companies all the way down to small community organizations. Today, I apply all of that experience to one-on-one coaching with design leaders, helping them develop the skills to lead with greater purpose, intention, and compassion.

Leadership skills development

It takes more than design savvy to manage your team, manage your time, and most importantly manage your relationships.

Design practice mentorship

Leadership asks new things of designers. Orchestrating teams to deliver great creative work is a craft all its own.

Strategic career guidance

What’s the big picture? How does this chapter fit into your larger story? Where are you headed, and how do you need to grow to get there?

Less noise, more signal.
Less reaction, more intention.

If you are struggling to get out from under the overwhelm, if you feel stuck even though you’re constantly busy, if you find yourself frequently running into (or away from!) difficult conversations, working with a coach can help you shift your patterns, clarify your intentions, and set a course to go after them.

Leadership is just another design problem.
Let’s solve it together.

Working together in a series of one-on-one sessions over a 6-month coaching program — or 12-month program, if you want to go after some bigger goals — we’ll identify the real changes you can make to support your growth and success, and take the steps needed to make them real.

Finding Our Way

Finding Our Way is the new design leadership podcast from Jesse James Garrett and Peter Merholz, co-founders of Adaptive Path.


Jesse James Garrett’s career in human-centered design includes co-founding the first UX consultancy, Adaptive Path; writing the foundational book The Elements of User Experience, whose iconic five-plane model has become a staple of the field; and defining Ajax, the dynamic interaction model that transformed web technology and design in the Web 2.0 era. His work has been published in more than a dozen languages and he is a frequent keynote speaker on making designers and organizations more human-centered in their work.